Hi, I’m Linda. I openly admit that I love fashion and spend my life planning what to wear based the latest fashion looks and fashion trends.  I just love shoes, bags and clothes and strongly believe that you can never have too many. I’m passionate about fashion and like to capture a runway look straight from the high street. On occasion however, only the real thing will do.

If we were truly honest ladies, we all want step out feeling fabulous dressed from head to toe in designer clothes every day. This tends to be just a pipe dream for many of us, so we scour the high street trying to find the latest catwalk looks. On my website you’ll always find great high street vs designer fashion. We all want to look good and my fashion for under £100 looks will ensure you leave the house looking amazing, with enough money in your purse for a night out or two to show off your lovely new outfits. First impressions really count and like it or not we are all scrutinised 24/7 for the way we look.  Always remember that your appearance is a reflection of you.

I don’t only enjoy shopping for myself; I also love styling outfits for other people and have long been asked for fashion tips from friends, family and colleagues. I really enjoy sharing my fashion advice with others and as such, I now offer personal shopping and stylist services. I understand that we are all different shapes and sizes and believe that style is your own, no matter what fashion trends you add too it. I like to take a client’s personal style and enhance it with the latest fashion looks. Please E-mail me for details of my personal shopping and personal stylist services.

Fashion is something that should be truly enjoyed by all ages, genders and body shapes. I’m also of the opinion that everyone should look great and feel fabulous regardless of budget.

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Embrace fashion.

Linda x

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